About us

Eircycle is an initiative dedicated to removing and replacing conventional long life plastics from fresh fruit & vegetable packaging and substituting it with environmentally friendly compostable and recyclable alternatives.

Eircycle is supported by industry-leading companies from across the global fresh produce supply chain including plastic manufacturers, packaging designers , fresh produce growers, marketers, wholesalers and retailers.

Collectively, we are committed to researching, developing and bringing to market viable commercial solutions to address the impact of plastic packaging waste on sea and land. Here’s what lies at the heart of our commitment to take on the plastics challenge:

1 A shared commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development goals

We collectively subscribe to the 17 United Nation’s Sustainability Goals agreed on in 2015 which provides a framework for combating economic, social and environmental challenges. By working on this plastics initiative, we aspire to contribute to goals:

  • 3 Promoting Good Health And Well Being by making healthy fresh produce available in environmentally friendly packaging.

  • 12 Ensuring Responsible consumption and production throughout the fresh produce sector.

  • 14 Protecting Life Below Water.

  • 15 Protecting Life On Land.

2 A recognition of the special value of fresh produce

At this time of unprecedented interest in the impact of industry on the world in which we live, those of us in the fresh produce sector recognise that ours is a position of both great privilege and immense responsibility. That our primary function is the marketing of products, the health promoting properties of which have been firmly and definitively established, is something about which we are all immensely proud.

Marketing the most nutritious foodstuffs with the least environmental impact, we understand that prospects for our sector nevertheless remain inextricably linked to the implicit trust attached to fresh produce by the consumer. This trust, of course remains ever contingent on a confidence in the manner in which produce is delivered and in the integrity of those from whom it is sourced.

Packaging is hugely important in this regard. There cannot be an environmental price to be paid for making healthy food choices. We know consumers expect us to provide our fresh produce in environmentally friendly packaging and we are committed to rising to the challenge.

3 Legislative momentum

Individual Governments, the European Union and countries across the globe are setting ambitious targets to address environmental concerns related to the use of plastic.

We welcome this renewed focus on the impact of plastic and we are determined to play a positive, constructive and pro-active role in contributing to the dialogue and to working in partnership with key actors across the supply chain, including Governments and State Bodies, to deliver tangible change with the widest possible scope in the shortest possible timeframe.