Recycling Plastic Packaging Is The Future

The future of plastic packaging management ultimately lies in Recycling and the development of a Circular Plastics Economy across the EU.

Already significant steps have been taken to prohibit the sale of single use plastics and the European Union has set ambitious targets for 2030.

No more single use plastics 2030 EU’s target

  • All plastic packaging must be either reusable or recyclable (in a cost effective manner) by 2030.

  • At least 50% of plastic packaging in the EU market must be recyclable.

  • Recycling of plastics must increase by at least 400% by 2030 (v 2015 figures).

  • Recycling and sorting infrastructure to be modernised and 4 times larger by 2030.

  • EU products to establish a competitive advantage by virtue of their environmental credentials.

Collaboration Across The Supply Chain The Circular Plastics Economy

The sponsors of the Eircycle initiative are committed to the development of a circular plastics economy across Europe whereby plastic packaging is manufactured, applied to our products where necessary, distributed to retail and wholesale, purchased by consumers, collected and returned to the manufacturer and efficiently recycled before the process begins anew.

To this end, Eircycle is bringing together global “virgin” plastic manufacturers, packaging fabricators, stakeholders from across the fresh produce supply chain, retailers, wholesalers and Government bodies to lay the foundations of the infrastructure required to achieve this objective.